Application for the Berlin Art Price 2016

Name: Angela Klein


Born in Berlin


Lives and works in Berlin



* scolar of Rolf Steinhausen and Helmut Klock



* experimental works with leather, ashes


* exhibition of leather masks et al at the American Memorial Liberary - Berlin



* revival of the wish to communicate in the shape of paintings



* CoWorks with York - application for the Berlin ArtPrize



* decision to start "painting" with concrete-like materials and spatula predominantly


* starting of the series Blues



* starting of a series on contemplation of desert impressions and symbols, a kind of "Written in the West" (Wim Wenders)


 * further CoWorks with York on 'portrait of an artist' - seeking to find an interaction between "Acrylic Punk" and "Concrete Abstracts"



* application for the Berlin ArtPrize


* Sept - Oct 2018   Participation at the 3rd 'Friedrichshainer Salon', Galerie Morgenrot, Berlin



* Palm Art Award (Nomination)


My 'Concrete Abstracts' rather try to express contemplation than aiming to forward a message


Portrait of the artist Angela Klein

Diese Arbeiten sind für den Palm Art Award 2019 nominiert.

Artwork by Angela Klein 2018

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